Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meep meep

Don, Doyce, Mary, Allen and I are still in Kansas (state motto: We're Flat), en route to catch up with our race leaders, Jeff and Kevin. We just saw a road runner. We've heard coyotes, but not seen any. Last night we saw lots of jackrabbits. They were wascally.

Last night we took the lead. Don't ask me where -- nobody saw Robic anywhere and we think he was off sleeping somewhere. It would have been cool to have some kind of Lance / Jan moment where the big European looks back as the plucky American pulls past him, music swelling in the background as we all swoon in jingoistic pride. It's not the same when Jan is parked off the road in an RV catching some ZZZs.

After Jeff came off shift we had a minor mishap with his bike sort of falling off the rack on the back. It's a long story, but basically I screwed up and didn't clamp the fork down. At first we thought we had just scraped a bunch of the edge off the handlebars, but when Jeff tried to ride it during his next shift we found that there was also a problem with his chainring and/or bottom bracket. He is riding the other bike, but prefers the previous one due to the longer crank arms. We hope to get this fixed one way or another today.

Robert Hendry, from Plains, KS, 13:12 race time.
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Anonymous said...

It's nice that you're doing so well, but please don't forget humility. Remember, pride precedes the fall.

Keep up the awesome work - team and crew!

We are rooting for you at the Birmingham Bicycle Company.

Rodney said...

Hey Team - you're going to be passing my way tomorrow night. I can meet you in W. Alton with the parts if you'll let me know what you need. I'll track them down in St. Louis tomorrow.
rodcaswell at gmail dot com.