Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who hit the brakes?

Jeff is about to finish a four-hour session that pitted him against a 20-mph headwind. His top speed during this: 15. He will have advanced us about 35 miles.

The irony is that this same wind was the tailwind that helped Kevin cover the previous 75 miles during his four-hour session. The wind literally clocked around in the last 10 minutes of his shift.

Speaking of which, just outside Clayton Kevin had a strange encounter. He was cruising along when he came upon and startled an antelope. (This is where they, and the deer, play, if you didn't know.) So, anyhow, the antelope starts running along, pacing Kevin. Kevin starts to sprint, and the antelope picks it up to keep pace. Then, the antelope starts to come over on Kevin, when a jackrabbit from the other side of the road starts into the race. Finally, the other animals give up and Kevin rides on, alone again.

The animals have been onto Kevin anyhow. Yesterday two big crows were fighting flying next to him when one caroomed off, missing Kevin's nose by inches. Weird.

Robert Hendry, near Elkhart, KS (time station 22)

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Garrett said...

Thanks for the updates. Keep up the good support work. - Garrett

Big Dave said...

Deer attacks! See, I'm not crazy.

Les said...

Congratulations to all of you for getting this far. Amazing... Thanks for the updates. Harpeth Bike Club in Middle Tennessee stands in admiration and reverence.