Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're in #1

We took the lead last night over the solo riders . Yeah! The officials at the morning time station told us they were totally surprised at us being in the lead. They have requested more race officials to follow the course since they now must watch us in addition to Robic, the three time winner from Slovania. I just talked to Robic's crew at the last time station. They are all in the army in Slovania and it's their full time job to support Robic in his races. Sounds like a great job.

It's been an exciting trip since California. We're crossing Kansas now. We discovered this a.m that one of Jeff's bikes fell on the roof and has a bent front chain ring and spider on the crank. We're communicating with Gran Fondo in Nashville to find a bike shop in route with the right parts. The parts must be ordered. Parts will arrive tomorrow and they will ship them to a shop in route for Saturday pick up and repair. At that point we should be in Ohio.

Currently we're in route to Pratt, KS. The same race officials we talked with again at our lunch time station said the McDonalds time station is great......they give the teams free food.


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Matic said...

Robic is from Slovenia and not Slovania.