Monday, June 2, 2008

Doyce's Dodge Caravan

Doyce and Alan left in the Dodge Caravan Friday morning. I hope we didn't forget to pack anything important.
Underneath the bed are 3 levels of storage compartments, holding everything including tools, clothing, food, towels, spare parts, etc. On the back side I have some cold weather clothing, raingear, spare flashing lights, cameras, and room to spare. Behind the rear seat we have room for the crew's gear, and I'm carrying a garden sprayer so I can be hosed off frequently in the desert. Up front, we have more storage compartments, a laptop holder for the navigator (the laptop will be GPS enabled), and a PA system for communication. We have a roof rack that holds up to three bikes with front wheels attached, and we'll have two spare wheels on top as well.

Doyce and Alan are currently taking a tour of the Hoover Dam. Just in case you're interested, there's enough concrete in the Hoover Dam to build a 3 inch X 3 foot sidewalk all the way around the world. Anyhow, Doyce sounded quite winded while they were hiking around the dam. All I could think of is poor Alan. If Doyce is winded, then Alan must really be suffering. Tomorrow they'll be taking a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

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