Monday, June 2, 2008

Countdown: 6 days

It's Monday morning, just 6 days before the race. Our
three crew vehicles have departed, the RAAMinator left
this morning, driven by Garrett Asher and Ed McClarty.
Robert Hendry should be posting some photos of the RAAMinator

Yesterday, we had a 55-mile Gran Fondo Fixies send-off ride.
About two dozen people showed up, but the early rain sent
some of them home. Steve Carr brought out bagels (compliments
of Lynn Greer) and his espresso machine. No caffeine for me,
however. I'd like to thank at number of people who showed
up just to send us off, including Bill Glass, Hally Walton,
and Vida Greer. We appreciate your support! Crew mate Robert
Hendry came out to ride, along with Tennessee ancien's Jeff
Sammons and Peter Lee.

Robert and I plan to leave Nashville on Friday morning. We'll
regroup with the team in San Diego where all our vehicles and
gear await us.

Jeff Bauer
Days to RAAM: 6

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