Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Writing from beautiful Weatherford, OK. Temp 91 degrees, wind south at
30 knots sustained!!

Armadillos roadkill: 8
Crop Dusters: 4
Windmills: 30
Awesome ribeyes at the stockyards in Oklahoma City: 2
Bad Attitudes: 0
Awesome Days: 1

We covered 740 miles on Day 1. Perfect weather. The RAAMinator hummed
like $10.00 Kazoo. We noted 4 roadkill Armadillos in TN, none in AR,
and then 4 more in OK. We mused as to why the lack of Armadillo roadkill
in AR. Asher was clever enough to deduce that the residents of AR
perhaps collect such specimens as a delicacy. Other than such musings,
we found one another's company and the majesty of this great country of
ours sufficient to entertain us for the 12 hours on the road. We are
bunked down in the Comfort Inn in Weatherford, OK and fired up for Day 2
which should see us enter the mountains west of Albuquerque. Ed is
looking forward to hopping on his bike and climbing to the 11,000 ft.
peaks near Gallup.

Peace Out,

Your Humble RAAMinator Crew - Garrett & Ed

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