Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time station 39

Mary, Jeff, and I are in Greensburg, waiting for Kevin. Greensburg is a nice town, although there's a tree growing out of the roof of the clock tower on the town square.

A bevy of folks from the Harpeth Bike Club, Jeff's and my cycling compatriots, met us at the last time station in Bloomingdale, IN. They drove all the way up from Nashville this afternoon, and Jeff was tickled pink to see them. They were going to follow us along the route this evening. A mooning or two was not out of the question.

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David Bauer said...

I believe the time station was at Bloomington, not Bloomingdales. Since it is Father's Day tomorrow, and you are doing so well, you might be able to spare a little time for shopping...

Anonymous said...

Guys.....glad its going do well! Awesome job. Wolfgang

DAJ said...

To the whole Gran Fondo Fixies team--riders and crew:

Checking in this morning as you all approach Athens, Ohio: keep up the great work, and rock it out through the Appalachians! Current projections have you all rolling into the finish in time for dinner tomorrow, but the drinks will be on me when you get back to Nashville. Just a fantastic race by all of you, and Nashville will roll across the finish line at the head of the pack! As you head into this last leg, just don't forget to:

Ride smart, stay safe, have fun!

Dahron Johnson
Nashville, TN