Saturday, June 14, 2008

Almost to Ohio

Today has gone really well.
Jeff's brother and mom met us in route to deliver the need bike parts from Gran Fondo. Plus his mom brought lots of homemade cookies and other goodies. What a sweet mom.
David Baur took the bike and parts to a local shop to be repaired. Now we're back to two bikes per person.

We cycled through some flooded parts of Missouri. The water was up right next to the road.

Jeff flatted today. Mr. B, our most "experienced" team member (I didn't say OLD) fixed a flat and did 3 rear wheel changes today.

B-team went on shift 3:00 am last night and started out with Kevin.
It was foggy for a few hours then we had sun and heat the rest of the day.
The A-team shift caught up with us at 6:00 pm. Now we're driving forward 200 miles to find a hotel.

We are now 3 hours ahead Robic, the soloist front-runner. The officials are predicting we will arrive on Monday.
Only 700 miles left to go.



Anonymous said...

Please give a shout out to Jeff and Kevin from Steve, a fellow randonneur, in Birmingham.

I am extremely proud of them and the incredible crew that is pushing them along.

The Gran Fondo Fixies ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Here's a blurb from earlier today in The Fort Scott Tribune.

The only other RAAM entrant that passed through Fort Scott as of the Herald-Tribune's deadline was the Gran Fondo Fixies two-man team. They had special permission to depart the race's starting point at Oceanside, Calif., with the solo riders -- all other teams started Wednesday --because it was assumed that they would be slower than the other teams because of their fixed gears. Instead, RAAM officials were having trouble keeping up with them as they passed through Fort Scott at 6:55 Friday morning.

"They didn't think these fixies would end up going as fast as they have been," RAAM race official Johnny Boswell said as he waited along with partner Phil Phillpotts for Robic to come through town.