Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Terminator vs RAAMinator

We just crossed the Rio Grande, where they have traffic stopped to film parts of Terminator 4. Lots of post-apocalypse cars covered in dirt along the road, but no Ah-nuld. The river below looks gorgeous.

Jeff and Kevin went thru time station 19 at 11:46 race time. We plan to catch up with them and take over supporting them around 4 pm race time. When we do, I can try to blog more about what's going on with them and give more immediate information, but when we're supporting the rider we tend to be very busy supporting the rider. Also, cellular coverage out here is not quite up to downtown Nashville levels. The best times to blog end up being when we're racing 200 miles to get ahead of the riders and go on-shift, in the rare spots that we are near a town.

Robert Hendry
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Lisa said...

When you get the chance, tell Kevin that I'm SO proud of him!!

Lisa Montano (Kev's sister)

Anonymous said...

From the Birmingham Bike Company - keep up the great work.

Peddle on Wayne - peddle on Garth!