Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jeff in Eagle's Nest

Jeff is waiting for Kevin in Eagle's Nest, 23 miles before time staion 19 in Cimarron, NM. Jure Robic went thru about 30 minutes ago. Jeff said it's like racing a marathon where somebody got 23 miles ahead of you.

Robert Hendry
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JB Levitt said...

Please tell the boys that NY City
is rooting for them!
Work it, boys!

Jon Levitt (Paris "tour guide"
for Jeff, Kevin, Chris, David, and Mary after PBP07)

Big Dave said...

Wonder if I can get away with wearing my "Fixie" jersey to work?
Rock on!!!

Maile said...

But Jon - aren't you a Jersey boy?

University Park Maryland is hanging on every pedal stroke.

Thanks to the crew for the blog updates - they are a great complement to the time station stats.

Team said...

We're heading up from Nashville to Ohio or somewhere early on Saturday morning to cheer them on. If anyone is interested, email me at pat [at]! Maybe we can caravan and have a big showing!