Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snaps to DC Randonneurs Bill, Maile, Clint, Kelly and Chris!

The Gran Fondo Fixies were welcomed to Mt. Airy and Annapolis by DC Randonneurs Bill Beck, Maile Neel, Kelly Smith, Clint Provenza and Chris Mento. Bill and Maile came out in the pouring rain to Mt. Airy to take excellent photos of the fixieboys. Clint Provenza, Kelly Smith and Maile greeted the team at the Annapolis Mall, and Clint even brought a cooler full of cold drinks. We saw Chris Mento at the docks; Chris will be providing part of the official RAAM escort for the final 4 mile ride to the docks this afternoon. Maile and Kelly then joined the team for dinner last night down on the docks.

What a wonderful showing of support from the DC Randonneurs! Kevin and Jeff, and the crew, appreciate it very much.

Mary Crawley


Big Dave said...

Am I seeing right. Jeff's had handlebar bag and not aerobar. The man is more than a beast, he is a randoneur!!!

Kristin said...

Congrats to the Fixies!

I have been following the race through my sister's blog (her husband is riding with Team ViaSat) and commented about the Fixies.

Wow! Amazing.

I can't imagine the ascents on a fixed gear bike....not to mention the descents!!!

again, congratulations!!

LeeD said...

Congrats to the Fixies! My friends (Brent & Rosa) and I were out along MD route 198 in Burtonsville snapping pictures and cheering you guys on! Brent & I are from Lebanon and were proud of seeing you all. Great Job!