Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fw: More Photos

Here are more photos from the finish.

Mary Crawley

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Mary -

Share with everyone:

My photos from the finish today:

AND Bill Beck's completely AWESOME photos from Mt. Airy. From the email Bill sent to DCRand:

I know that I said that I wouldn't send more notices, but I can't resist because the pictures include "The Man," Jure Robic, as well as Team Viasat.

And boy was I lucky! While I was waiting by the side of MD27 for Jure to ride by, he and his van suddenly stopped right at the driveway where I had parked. Jure tossed his bike to the ground and walked up to a shaded grassy area where a crew member laid down a mat and blanket. Jure took a 10-miute power nap, sat up, and after being helped to his feet by a crew member, got back on his bike and started riding again. At time station 52 at Mt Airy Bicycles, Jure sat out his 15-minute time penalty in his large motor home, and then a crew member actually carrier him out of the van and placed him on his bike. Check out the pictures!

Jure Robic:

Team Viasat:

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