Friday, June 13, 2008

Rolling into TS31

I just talked to Ellen. The rain was light and just picked up. They're about 15 minutes from timecheck 31 in Camden-something. Robert Hendry's crew shift (Shift A) will be switching on at 4pm, and Ellen's shift (Shift B) will go back on at 4am.

Kevin just got on the bike at about 12:55pm EST. They're riding 60 mile shifts.

Here's some press about the Fixies:
Pratt Tribune.
(you can peddle continuously to get your messages) LOL!


David Bauer said...

This is a good article. I am amazed that Kevin is as strong as he is training about 20 miles a week...

Anonymous said...

The thing they left out of the article is the fact that he trains at about 50mph for those 20 miles.