Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RAAMinator Day 3

RAAMinator Day 3

Lake Havasu AZ
Temp: 91 degrees
Wind:  20-30 with gusts to 50 mph out of the west

Stupidily wonderful mountain climbs on bike:  1
Native Americans: 1,000
Tee-Pees: 15
Killer Italian: 1
Joshua Trees: 50
Wal-Marts to make Asher crabby: 0

Day 3 again saw the humble RAAMinator crew crossing this beautiful land of ours. The day started with a road climb up Mt. Taylor. Asher was the surprise performance of the day, nearly keeping pace up the 6-9% 12 mile long climb at altitude. The ride was lead out by a coyote and two does. Fortunately for Team McClarty, Asher is a cautious descender, which allowed Ed to make a getaway and avoid humiliation.  The journey to Lake Havasu was unremarkable other than a call from Don, who seemed concerned after reading the blog entires and deciding that perhaps we were having too much fun. He seemed someone concerned about our ability to arrive on schedule, but we assured him that all was under control. He seemed reassured.

Peace and Love from the Humble RAAMinator crew

Garret & Ed


Scott said...

good luck to you guys, this must be the experience of a lifetime!

Ice Cream Steve said...

It sounds like you're having a great time on the way out there. I'm very excited about Kevin and Jeff's attempt at RAAM. They have an awesome support crew.