Tuesday, June 3, 2008

RAAMinator Day 2

RAAMinator Day 2

Grants, NM 92.1 degrees winds west southwest at 30-40 knots.

Altitude: 6550 ft.
Altitude climbing tomorrow Mt Taylor on bike prior to driving: 8214 ft.
Armadillo Roadkill: 4
Windmills: too many to count (buy ticker symbol OC for you stock traders)
Bad Attitudes: 1/8 (Asher gets moody when he's shopping at WalMart.)
Awesome Days: 2
Stallion Getting a Piece of Filly in West Texas: 1
Guys actually wearing spurs as part of there daily dress: 2

Day 2 was again an epic ride in the RAAMinator. We stopped on route 66 and checked out some ghost town type shops and cafes. We caught a glimpse of a stallion doing his groove thang aside the interstate. We were surprised by the number of actual cowboys wearing ten gallon hats and spurs. We are girly men from the city. These guys are the REAL men of this planet, other than of course our brave men fighting oversees. Albuquerque is a nice city. We stopped for S tarbucks drove through downtown. The RAAMinator gets a lot of respect.

Grants NM is a Uranium mining town inhabited by Native American peoples. We ate supper at a local Mexican hangout and we were two of the only four Angelo persons in the place. The people here at pure Native Americans in the tradition that one might expect in appearance and persona. It has been a cool experience. Anyway, tomorrow we climb Mt. Taylor at the crack of dawn and then head west to California.

Peace and Love from the Humble RAAMinator Crew

Garrett & Ed

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