Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No country for old men

Don, Doyce, Allen, Mary and I are thru time station 12, Montezuma Creek, heading to meet up with the riders and other crew in Durango, CO. We've passed two other RAAM racers and a loaded tourist with panniers. He was from Australia and asked to borrow air conditioning.

We've been seeing oil rigs out here. There will be blood.

Robert Hendry
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bonked said...
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IndyFan said...

Wear your hats and sunscreen, gentlemen.

Fixated said...

Poor Robert, you try a little humor after driving for ages and where does it get you? Lighten up, Joe. Go Fixies!

pippyjr said...

Keep supporting the guys, but please keep the updates coming. We are all excited about this long strange trip you are ALL taking.

- Tatum