Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monument Valley (now)

Don, Doyce, Allen, Mary, and I have just entered Monument Valley. We stayed last night just 12 miles short of the Kayenta time station, at the Anasazi Inn. Don, Mary and I got there with Jeff just as the sun was coming up, and Kevin took over.
Yesterday we went thru Sedona and Red Rock Canyon, followed by Flagstaff. Allen says Sedona is the most beautiful place he's ever seen. "It seemed to be cut right into the cliffs, and all the buildings blended with the cliffs," he said.
Both riders are doing great. Kevin got to ride thru this valley as the sun was coming up, and I'm sure he loved that. Everyone is in good spirits. We're in second place, behind Jure Robic.

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Tim carroll said...

Go Fixies Go!

I am back from the hot 'n luscious Shenandoah 1200K and saw several Grand Fondo Fixies jerseys at the start. You have so many admirers pulling for you!

Looking forward to seeing you in Ohio!

Tim Carroll