Friday, June 13, 2008

Thanks for your support

We're driving through Camdenton and Kevin has done 50 miles in the past 3 hours with big rollers. He just did 35 mph down this hill. He has an hour to go on this shift.

We just talked to him at a stoplight. He wanted to make sure to let everyone know how much he appreciates all the folks coming out to cheer him on and waving their signs. This is so cool!



Anonymous said...

All of us in Birmingham, AL are quite proud of the entire Gran Fondo Fixies team. Everyone is doing a superb job!

Lisa said...

Let Kevin know that many, many of his devoted customers ask about his progress when they stop by the pharmacy . . . "How's my boy doing?" His co-workers are keeping up with the stats and the blog and are just so proud. They want Kevin to know that Augusta is honored to be home to such an athlete!