Friday, June 6, 2008

RAAMinator Day 4

RAAMinator Day 4

Snakes: 1
Lizards: 1
Short Men Freaking the Hell Out Over a Snake: 1
Skinned body parts from bouldering in Joshua Tree: 5
Trips Over the London Bridge (yes the REAL London Bridge): 4
Walking in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper: Priceless

RAAMintor day 4 saw another busy and incredible day for the humble RAAMinator crew. We started the day by running for one hour in Lake Havasu, AZ.  A developer and chainsaw King, something-or-other McCollough, purchased the London Bridge and moved it to Lake Havasu, AZ in 1971. It was super weird walking over it at night knowing it's history. We found a carving from 1945 etched by a WW II veteran. There seemed to be a designation for the 1st Airborne Division or the Big Red 1.

We then motored to Joshua Tree National Forest and climbed boulders at two separate locations in the park. Crew member Smoothie King Ed recalled having his honeymoon at Joshua Tree. He tried to make Asher wear a long b runette wig and ballet tights in an effort to relive the memory, but Garrett was no fun.

Believe it of not, we were still not done. The Humble crew then RAAMinated into Burbank and toured Hollyweird Blvd. It was there that Asher decided he was indeed found of wigs and tights.

Peace, Love, and Understanding,

The Humble RAAMinator Crew,

Garrett & Ed

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