Sunday, June 8, 2008


We went to vehicle check out late this morning and all the vehicles
(vans and bicycles) got the green light from the RAAM officials. The
officials were very organized and straight-forward; they have this
stuff down!

After check-out, Jeff and Kevin had a RAAM interview -- we guess for
press releases or articles. They then took the bikes for a quick spin
to loosen up their legs and make sure all was well with the rides. The
rest of us hung out in the parking lot, napped, read, and did
"official" stuff.

All together again, we walked a couple of blocks to a little Italian
restaurant and had a late lunch/early dinner, followed by a quick
final briefing. With everyone now informed and fed, we then hit the
grocery store for final supplies and returned to the hotel. And that's
where we are now.

Most of us are planning on an early night to try to cache some sleep,
since it will be in short supply soon. I've uploaded pictures of
everything -- enjoy!

Robert Hendry

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