Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mancos, CO and Jeff

We're not sure exactly where they are right now. But...

The route will take them through the town of Mancos, CO which is about halfway between Cortez and Durango, was founded by Jeff’s great-uncle, George Bauer, in the 1890s. His home, on 100 Bauer Ave., is now the Bauer Home Bed and Breakfast. Bauer Lake is a beautiful lake about 3 miles north of Mancos, known for its dramatic setting and great trout fishing. Jeff’s father John is also a native of Mancos. His mother Clare is from Tennessee, but she spent several summers in Mancos visiting her Aunt, and she met John there at a dance.
(Thanks for the info David! Hey, if we don't get crew updates, we start finding stuff for the BLOG!)

UPDATE: Robert Hendry says they're through there, but he suggested that they turn around to go check it out.

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Anonymous said...

For the longesst time, Kevin and Jeff were about 3 hrs or so behind Jure hitting the time stations. At TS #17 in Antonito, CO, they were only about an hour 15 behind him.

I saw a video blog recently where Jure stated that he was sleeping only about an hour each day, so that accounts for the closer times at the time stations.

Keep up the good work. Ride smart!