Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dollar for Altamont

We're coming to the four-way stop in Altamont and Jeff wants a dollar. At the stop there are guys collecting - firefighters, flood relief, or something. Jeff hands the guy a dollar and rides on. The guy is so startled that he drops the dollar. When we go by he says, "He didn't even wait for his lollipop!"

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Garrett said...

I am sure you picked it up for him, though. Thanks for keeping us updated. All of you are awesome. - Garrett

bullcitybiker said...

What a great story! You folks are doing fantastic.. keep it up!

Please give Jeff and Kevin a shout out from their randonneuring friends in North Carolina!

I'd love to see a post on the music playlists y'all have for Jeff and Kevin.

We're pulling for all of you-

Durham NC