Saturday, June 14, 2008


Thanks to Maille Neel and Gran Fondo, Jeff is back on his original bike. Jeff's brother, David, met us in Effingham with the parts, as well as other stuff from Gran Fondo, like more water bottles and socks. Jeff's mom also came up, bringing lots of tasty home-made cookies. The crew is getting fat, but feels the love.

David then took the bike to a local bike shop, Maille Neel, who immediately fixed everything up in time for David to zip back to Graysville. These are the folks, along with the wonderful people at RAAM, our families, and our loyal fans like youselves, that make possible what Jeff and Kevin are attempting.


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John said...

Just read your post to David. He asked me to let you know that the mechanic that fixed the bike was "Rob" at "Bike & Hike" in Effingham. He wanted to be sure and recognize Rob's fine efforts. Maille Neel paid for the parts. We really appreciate keeping up with the trip through your posts
John "Jeff's Dad" Bauer