Monday, June 9, 2008

About to cross I-75 on US 89A

It's been a tough day for the boys. The desert, the climbs, more desert, and another set of long climbs ... But they have persevered and are sort of in 6th place.

After a cooler start to the day, Kevin took a very long pull up the Yarnell Grade that left him feeling a little beat. Jeff rode for two hours, then, suffering as the day got even warmer. By then, Kevin was almost as good as new, and the two swapped off one-hour sessions as the day wore on.

As they climbed out of the desert the heat thankfully abated with the elevation and longer shadows. It's now down to 82 here on the edge of Flagstaff, AZ.



David Bauer said...

I'll glad to hear they are doing well. My map shows I-17 and I-40 around Flagstaff, but not I-75.

Team said...

Flagstaff is near Checkpoint 8, which is about mile 490 of 3015. They're close to completing the first loop of the HoS!

I think they're probably crossing I17? Robert might be a little sleep deprived himself!

Pat C

PS - it's about 9pm. I'm going to hit the sack.